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Your International Longevity Experts

Dr. Marlene Siegel

Pet Detox: Modalities & Case Studies of Common Health Conditions

Dr. Odette Suter

THE Simple Solution to ALL Diseases

Dr. Rajka

How to Age in Reverse

Antonio Diaz

Helping Your Dogs Live Better & Longer Through Diet and Physical & Mental Stimulation

Dr. Achina Stein

Making a SHIFT in the Gut Brain Connection

Caroline Ingraham

Animal Self Medication – A Shared Language

Whitney English

Hot Topics in Nutrition…Simplified


Tony Nevin

Osteopathy and its Role in Integrative Medicine


Caroline Alan

Mineral Deficiency and Effective Replenishment for Humans and Animals

Rita Hogan

Medicinal Mushroom Uses in Dogs, Cats & Humans

Esteban Lutz

Strength Movements to Maximize Your Longevity

Dr. PJ Broadfoot

Wellness and Longevity – Integrative Strategies for People and Pets

Julie Anne Lee

Looking Backwards to Move Forward: The Cosmos of the Microbiome

Ashok Gupta

Brain Retraining and Meditation for Optimal Health

Deanna Hansen

The Importance of Fascia Health for Both You & Your Pet


Dr. Gerry Curatola

Four Cornerstones of Oral Health & Systemic Wellness for You and Your Pet

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